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Gaiam Performance Coreplus Reformer

RRP $39.99 incl. GST

Our CorePlus Reformer mimics the resistance action of a Pilates reformer using lightweight resistance bands joined in an X-shape. Get a dynamic resistance workout that tones, strengthens, and stretches your entire body in the gym or comfort of your own home—no bulky equipment or trip to a Pilates studio required.


Features and Benefits:

  • Increases flexibility and strengthens the core
  • Includes resistance band with unique four loop design and comfort-cushion grips
  • Increase flexibility, whole body awareness and improve agility
  • Includes comprehensive 40 minute fully instructed online practises
Gaiam Performance Coreplus ReformerSKU: 27-70119
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$39.99 incl. GST
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Care Instructions:

Dry the CorePlus Reformer resistance band with a towel after use

Hand wash in cold water with mild soap to clean

Dry thoroughly

Avoid exposing the resistance band to heat or excessive sunlight

Store in a cool, dry place