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Gaiam Performance Flatband Loop Tone-Up

RRP $16.99 incl. GST

The Flatband Loop is a great tool for physical therapy, fitness and strength training. This loop fits comfortably around the upper or lower legs for resistive hip, thigh and knee exercises - a great lower body workout. They bring resistance to any workout and build strength, tone muscles and stabalise joints.


Features and Benefits:

  • Best for muscle toning & moderate repetition strengthening
  • Ideal for increased resistance with moderate repetitions
  • Loop Band Measures 38cm Long x 10cm Wide
  • Constructed Using High Grade Latex
  • Bonus online workout
Gaiam Performance Flatband Loop Tone-UpSKU: 27-70214
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$16.99 incl. GST
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Loop Band Measures 38cm Long x 10cm Wide



High grade Latex


Care Instructions:

Use product only as intended and demonstrated in the exercise guide

Avoid exposing Flatband Loop to rough, sharp or abrasive surfaces, or to heat or excessive sunlight

Dry Flatband with a towel after use

Store in a cool dry place