SHAPE:Makeover Hips,Butt&Thighs DVD

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SHAPE: Makeover Hips, Butt & Thighs DVD

Burn calories and boost your metabolism with this fun & innovative DVD. DVD Includes: * Cardio Workout - 35 Minutes This dance-inspired workout provides a fresh approach to cardio. During each interval, you'll move and groove at a steady but energetic pace, then up the ante with an all-out energy effort. *Lower Body Workouts This section of the DVD provides 2 x 12 minute sculpting routines. The first routine is inspired by ballet moves and the second by Pilates and Yoga. BONUS 12-Minute Total Body Blitz! This workout hits your entire body in 12 minutes flat!
SHAPE:Makeover Hips Butt&Thighs DVDSKU: 27-53968
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$16.99 incl. GST
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