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Yoga For Athletes DVD

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Yoga Conditioning for Athletes DVD

Acclaimed instructor Rodney Yee has designed this powerful program to help you enhance your athletic performance through yoga to improve balance, increase strength, challenge underused muscles, boost flexibility and provide increased mental focus and clarity. Combined Workout: Three part workout is specifically segmented and begins with an ‘Opening’ session to warm-up and increase flexibility and circulation, followed by a ‘Conditioning’ session offering a total body workout to build balance, flexibility and strength. The practice concludes with an ‘Integration’ segment that provides a mindful way to cool down and relax. Selectable Work-Out Modification Options: Three selectable levels of work-out modification are offered to allow you to select the practice/instructor that matches your workout goal. One instructor offered focuses on improving flexibility, the second instructor offered provides modifications to develop strength, the third provides an unmodified practice offeri
Yoga Conditioning For Athletes DVDSKU: 120-1260
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$29.99 incl. GST
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