Walk Fit CD and Pedometer Kit

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Pedometer Fitness Kits.

Work out with one of top trainers. Our walking-for-life kits include everything you need: a guided workout with Debbie Rocker; a pedometer to track results; and an endurance-building workout program. Debbie’s varying-intensity workout – combined with energizing, motivating music – burns calories and takes you to your next fitness level. Beginner Kit includes a 35-minute guided workout CD and a pedometer. Intermediate Kit features a 45-minute workout CD and a pedometer with a panic alarm and flashlight. Advanced Kit includes a 60-minute CD with Debbie’s most challenging workout; the pedometer has a pulse rate sensor, stopwatch and backlight.
Walk Fit Kit Beginner CD + PedometerSKU: 05-51979
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$19.99 incl. GST
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